Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lake Bafa In Turkey A Must Visit Location

Bafa Lake an amazing lake in Turkey visit and stay in a guest house on lakeside.
Or stay in a boutique hotel and experience home cooking and fantastic cuisine using organic vegetables from the garden.
Try fresh fish unique to Lake Bafa in Turkey.
It is a great place to visit an authentic Turkish village.
Enjoy the local olives grown on the shores try fishing and see the extensive agriculture.
Lake Bafa is a location for a peaceful holiday in nature and history.
There are camp sites and some camps have a work shop photography or courses great for a  student turkish and international.
Experience cultural activities like trekking tours or rock climbing on the famous boulders
Visit latmos and the besparmak  mountains have a boattrip from Herakleia.
See prehistoric caves and history that is  archaic, hellenistic, roman, byzantine, christian.
See the sites of mystical hermits and visit the areas of myths about  moon goddess Selene.

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