Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bafa Lake Turkey A Holiday In Nature

Bafa Lake and the surrounding shores and mountains has some great walking, trekking, trek, trekk and nature walk s.
In addition while trekking there is great bird watching around  latmos turkey and bafa lake turkey it is a way to use bafa and see turkei
There is a famous cave heraklea, herakleia with the myth of myus it is zeus cave.
 Birds are everywhere including pelikan, pelicanus, stork, leylek Turn to Heraklea at  Pinarcik on the main road.
 Adventure or see history  rome, ionya, cave, fresco and culture.
 Experience the amazing sun, sand and  castle go  horse riding or visit a museum  monastry.
 You will see the best sunset walk and barbecue then tour art antique or go hunting and fishing.
 Get a room in a hotel bar small hotel and be on the doorstep of nature.
The national park is close to the Aegean sea which is an alternative swimming from lake bafa
and there is no lake monster or monster of loshness 
Take a  boat on the lake or Kayak under the shadow of the latmos mountains.

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